Nasi Goreng curry recipe

Post-Training Nasi Goreng

Introduction “Nasi Goreng” which literally means “fried rice” in Indonesian. This popular dish is usually cooked with a whole egg. Various meat, fish and veg can be added, vegan or vegetarian versions can also be made. I made this version with black rice. Which is a delicious, highly nutritious and great form of carbohydrates. Pre-cooked […]


Reasons why you are not losing body fat

1: You haven’t made a plan Without designing an exercise and nutritional plan, you are going to struggle to effectively reduce body fat. I often witness people who have initial motivation but this does not last long without a clear plan that sets everything down. Setting out your goals that are specific to you is […]


Vanilla Poached Pears

Intro This is great and almost guilt free. What you need 2 – 4 pears ½ vanilla pod ½ cup of water 1 tsp of manuka honey Sliced almonds Dollop of natural yogurt How to do it  Place the peeled pears in a pan, and add water and vanilla pod Poach for about 10mins on […]